School ERP Software

Franciscan e-Care School ERP Software plays a vital role in streamlining the day to day task of schools. Our ERP software is flexible in nature & it can easily manage all the aspects & functionalities of school organization. It is developed by cutting edge technology & it provides an integrated platform for all the students, teachers, administration & other school staff members.

Our educational ERP software is a web based application system & user can easily access from anywhere by login user ID & password. With the help of our school software, school administration can keep a close watch on the staff member’s work function & brings transparency in the system. It has integrated school ERP software & is customized according to the user’s requirement.

Our e-Care school ERP system has centralized database system & it helps in the quick access of data. It reduces the communication gap among teachers, parents & administration. Our school software has various facilities like online registration, easy follow-up & keeping record on a real time basis. It enhanced the capability, productivity & efficiency of the schools.

Franciscan e-Care Products:- Franciscan e-Care Services:-
  • School SMS Services
  • IT Executive Services.
  • Website Development Services
  • Online Instant Updating
  • E-Mail Flyer
  • Kids Corner
  • Online Admission Form
  • Voice SMS Services
e-Care School ERP Solutions Benefits
  • Provides transparency between students, teachers and parents
  • Introducing new experimental ideas and methods
  • Provides best administration to their school organization.
  • Quick access of online school registration portal.
  • A dedicated network which makes students reporting more reliable at one place.
  • ERP School software is a online web based software.
  • Easy access through internet.
  • Provides bulk SMS services for sending alerts to their parents and school staff.
  • Online school registration provides all related data at a common place for easy access.
  • Better understanding between school management, student and their parents.
  • Provides high level security for their confidential data.
  • Academic calendars, Examination, School notices and various exercises are integrated at single place.
ERP For School