"eCare facilities are very useful to us. My Best wishes to them all."
Mr. Rajendra Prasad Yadav
Parent of Rishabh Raj Yadav (Nur D)
St. Francis’ College, Lucknow
"I would like to congratulate college’s e-Care team for updating child’s behaviour and academic to the guardian. This is a wonderful service. Well done!!"
Mr. Mahesh Dixit
Parent of Parth Dixit (6 A)
St. Francis’ College, Lucknow
"Congratulations! It is really very positive step in strengthening Parent-Teacher relationship."
Mr. Pervaind Sharma
Parent of Ridima Sharma (LKG A)
St. Anthony’s Jr. College, Agra
"We visit the Panel and site on regular basis. It is really very nice concept. Your efforts are marvelous. Your concern and care for our child is appreciated."
Mr. Sandeep Singhal
Parent of Aksh Singhal (LKG A)
St. Joseph’s School, Bathinda